QuickPost: Yule Ball Photos!

QuickPost: Yule Ball Photos!


A little late, but here are the shots from last month’s annual Yule Ball: take a look!

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Hermione and Ron was a mistake?!

Shocking(or maybe not so shocking?) news for Harry Potter fans…

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QuickPost: Triwizard Tournament TASK TWO!

Here it is, everyone! The water task for the Toronto Triwizard Tournament!

It’s taking place THIS…

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Yule Ball 2014!!

Tickets are now being sold for this year’s Yule Ball!

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Must be a game of quidditch going on around here.


Get Hallowed Ground by Beware1984 today only at Teefury.com! Get it before the snakes start talking. 

QuickPost: YorkU’s Yule Ball!

Just in time for the snow to still be around! York University’s very own Ministry of Magic is…

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UofT Quidditch - A Summary of 2013

Now that the regular quidditch season has come to an end and we prepare mentally and physically…

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